100 Black Men

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James Duke
President, Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Mission statement

As the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, we envision a future where the strength of our youth development programs and the collective partnerships with our communities and schools, positively impact the mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of young people. To realize our vision, we partner with local school districts, universities, and other organizations to provide programs that encourage personal development, academic growth, and basic life skills.

Affiliate Projects

Affiliate projects are independent projects that are significantly aligned with the strategies of The Bicentennial Plan, and while not derived directly from the Plan 2020 planning process, have been accepted as mutually reinforcing activities.

100 Black Men is working on the following projects:

Mentoring-based education programs


Founded in 1984, 100 Black Men of Indianapolis is a 501(c)(3) youth development organization that serves several hundred Indianapolis youth each year through mentoring-based education programs. 100 Black Men of Indianapolis (“the 100”) conducts volunteer programs for young people in K-12 grades and post-secondary education that focus on mentoring, education and leadership development. Programs include: College Connections, Collegiate 100, Dollars & $ense Financial Literacy, Summer Academy, and Team Mentoring. College Connections, the Annual College & Scholarship Fair, is a joint venture between 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. and Indiana Black Expo, Inc. Collegiate 100 of Indianapolis is an organization comprised of college students who share the common vision and intent of the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. to improve the quality of life for young African Americans. Participants in the program commit to voluntarism and improving the community through group mentoring and tutoring. Dollars & $ense is a national program of the 100 Black Men of America and is provided locally by the 100 in partnership with the University of Indianapolis. Students in grades 9-12 meet weekly on the University of Indianapolis campus with a professor and their 100 mentors/tutors to learn about managing and investing money. The Summer Academy is a 6-week educational program for students in K-8th grade. The Team Mentoring program serves 5th and 6th grade boys in 5 IPS schools on the near East side of Indianapolis. Small groups of mentees meet weekly with two male mentors during school. The mentors and mentees explore the roles and responsibilities of being a man of distinction (leader, warrior, mentor and friend) through structured discussions and activities.