CityCorps is the young professional engagement program for Plan 2020, the Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis-Marion County. CityCorps participants apply their talents and critical thinking to the challenges and opportunities faced by Indiana’s capital city.  CityCorps had two components: an internship program for Indiana-based College students and a fellowship program aimed at engageing talented professionals from the Indianapolis area and across the country to infuse new research and cutting-edge ideas into all aspects of Plan 2020.  Results of the CityCorps Bicentennial Fellowship Program are archived here.

2015 Fellowships

Indianapolis Transit Oriented Development Fund

Gary Reiter
This fellowship explores the feasibility and steps necessary to create a fund to preserve affordable housing near the city’s current and future transit stops. The Indy TOD Fund fellowship evaluates the acquisition fund modeled in New York and Denver to meet the needs of Indianapolis to ensure that affordable housing is included in development around an expanding transit system. The proposed fund would operate as a line of credit to a yet to be named well‐capitalized nonprofit (“WCN”), with funds held largely on the balance sheet of a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”).

A Collective Effort: Utilizing and Leveraging the Intellectual and Civic Capacity of Indy’s Youth

Aaron Harrison and Samantha Helferich
This fellowship creates an executable strategy for engaging Indianapolis’s youth in our city’s efforts to develop and implement the strategic framework necessary to make it a better place to live, work, serve, love, and connect. This work created a plan for a scalable program that: (1) utilizes project‐based curriculum co‐developed by Indianapolis educators, entrepreneurs, and community innovators to empower students (grade range to‐be‐determined K – 12) to view their world through the lens of an entrepreneur or community innovator; (2) tasks students with developing solutions to the priorities inspired by those within the Bicentennial Plan; and (3) aligns with Indiana Academic Standards, with a particular emphasis on STEM and the arts.

Creating a CivicTech Culture: How Open Data Can Transform Indy’s Public Agencies and Workforce

Matthew Kirby, Mean City Consulting LLC
This fellowship looks at what it takes to foster and lead a civic tech culture in Indianapolis.  It sets the groundwork for a sustained open data initiative that establishes a city‐wide open data policy and guidelines, creates a single online portal where data can be easily accessed by the public, and provides regular programming that introduces the data to the public.

Loving Indy: Measuring and Leveraging the Loyalty of Indy’s Young Professionals

Molly Chavers, Indy Hub
This fellowship addresses attracting and retaining great talent by examining the strong connection between engagement and loyalty. The fellowship work will build on previously conducted research, undertake a survey to measure (and benchmark) loyalty and present results in a way that employers and community leaders can easily access and use as a guidepost for future planning and action.  The fellowship further reviews available research and seeks to identify additional indicators that can easily be tracked to measure residents’ love of Indy.

Positive, Productive and Proactive: A Strategy for Activating Minority Young Professionals toward Civic Engagement

Marshawn Wolley

This fellowship identifies the civic infrastructure and successful engagement strategies used by civic organizations to engage minority young professionals. Documentation supports the development of a scalable strategy for increasing and supporting engagement of minority young professionals in civic activities.

Teacher-based Neighborhood Development Playbook

Roberto Garza, Harrison Center for the Arts/City Gallery
This fellowship examines what tools and policies are needed to increase the use – and success—of this emerging place‐based approach to improving education? How can evidence-based models be scaled up for greater success?


Manufacturing Workforce Strategy Plan

Emily Scott, Riley Area Development Corporation
This fellowship identifies, prepares, places and supports individuals for manufacturing jobs in Indianapolis, primarily from low‐income, blighted, minority, and other marginalized communities. The fellowship works with existing organizations and institutions engaged in these efforts and create area‐specific programs to support the strategy and employment pipeline.

Planning for Resiliency in Indianapolis

McKenzie Beverage
This fellowship lays the groundwork for a resiliency master plan that builds the capacity of Indianapolis residents, communities, businesses, and systems to survive, adapt, and grow regardless of the chronic stresses or acute shocks they experience.  The fellowship assesses environmental, economic, and social risks confronting Indianapolis, identify related assets, analyze current programs, and recommend a decision‐making framework. The fellow facilitates a process to effectively identify, convene, educate and engage stakeholders on the information and tools needed to develop a resiliency plan.