Are you an interested citizen who wants access to high-level metrics about a Marion County neighborhood? Do you work for a non-profit or community-based organization that needs detailed data about neighborhoods? Are you a policymaker tasked with exploring patterns and trends within existing data? If you answered yes to any of these questions, IndyVitals has something for you.

…Because What Gets Measured Gets Done

Plan 2020 isn’t just about action.  It’s about impact.  Plan 2020 aims to measure whether or not neighborhoods across the city are improving as a result of the numerous activities carried out by Plan 2020 partners and beyond.  Measuring the impact of Plan 2020 and coordinating collective-impact investments:  these are the two drivers of Indy Vitals.

More specifically, IndyVitals is the second of two web-based tracking systems developed under the Plan 2020: Bicentennial Plan. It tracks the community-level indicators that Plan 2020 hopes to impact and further promotes greater coordination of all those in the private, public, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors working at the neighborhood level to make investments that are most relevant to the diverse needs of neighborhoods across our city. Coupled with existing SAVI community profiles, IndyVitals  better facilitates the de-centralization of city planning outside of the Department of Metropolitan Development.

Place Matters

IndyVitals facilitates collective impact at the neighborhood level by defining neighborhoods and identifying indicators so that everyone, from a resident to a policymaker, can look at the same geography and identify the greatest strengths and needs for that geography. The common geography approach of IndyVitals provides clarity by telling a single story that cannot be seen when independent but related program, organization, or service delivery boundaries are different.

Layering and Targeting Strategic Investments

IndyVitals has the ability to better coordinate the limited community development and related neighborhood investments so that they: are more efficiently delivered and further informed by a common data platform; and have more impact because they can be targeted at the people and places that are most relevant to and in need of them.

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