Getting ready for Indy’s Bicentennial.

One action at a time.

Plan 2020 is a pioneering collective-impact planning process that is defining Indianapolis’ next 100 years.


Indy’s Vision: The Bicentennial Agenda

The values and vision that guide the work of the partners implementing The Bicentennial Plan as well as the six Technical City Plans. The Agenda outlines how investing in people and places, and building prosperity, will make Indy a healthier, more inclusive, more resilient, and more competitive community.


Utilizing strategic partners

Over 40 partners with a county-wide focus have signed up to implement The Bicentennial Plan and are working every day to support the community’s vision.


Updating city plans

Six key technical city documents have been, or are being updated, and an entirely new strategy around regional economic development has been created.


One Plan.

19 Themes.

For two years, we worked to create the Bicentennial Plan. That work revealed 19 key areas that the Indianapolis community can focus on in anticipation of its Bicentennial celebration. Read about the process we went through to define the plan. go

We’re here to help our partners do great work.

Plan 2020 has worked hard to bring together partners who can accomplish the action items identified during the two-year planning process. We have some of Indy’s best and brightest working to improve residents’ quality of life across Marion County, develop and retain and attract more residents and businesses to the city.

Browse all of our partners.  go