Regional Center Plan



The stakeholder committee, South Study Area process, and public engagement around the land use component of the plan is complete. This work will be integrated into an update to the Velocity Plan led by Downtown Indy, with the intent of consolidating both plans for Downtown into a single document. This process is anticipated to be complete in the third quarter of 2016.

What is the Plan?

The Regional Center Plan is a component of the Comprehensive Plan and covers 6.5 square miles in the heart of Indianapolis. Regional Center boundaries include 16th Street to the north, Interstates 65 and 70 to the east, Interstate 70 to the south and the Belt Railroad to the west. It is a policy document, not law, and it serves as a blueprint for public and private decisions on development of Downtown. The plan complements a special zoning district overlay of the area that provides for enhanced development regulation, including design guidelines and public participation policies.

Who uses the Plan?

The plan is used by the City of Indianapolis to administer zoning and development review processes for all new development in the downtown area. It can be used by other agencies and partner organizations to coordinate decisions and investments.

How is the Plan implemented?

Similar to the Comprehensive Plan, the plan’s recommendations are considered in land use and development decisions as well as for public and private investments.

How is this update different from past updates?

The updated plan incorporates and expands the recently completed Velocity Plan led by Downtown Indy. It will continue to focus on creating a vibrant Downtown that is an exciting place to visit, live, work, play, and raise a family.

Meeting Toolbox

Stakeholder Committee Meeting Toolbox

Meeting 1: 4/30/15

Meeting 2: 6/4/15

Meeting 3: 7/9/15

Meeting 4

Meeting 5: 10/8/15

South Study Area Meeting Toolbox

Meeting 1: 3/11/15

Meeting 2: 4/16/15

Meeting 3: 5/14/15

Meeting 4: 6/11/15

Town Hall Meetings Toolbox

Meeting 1: 6/15/15

Meeting 2: 7/21/15

Meeting 3: 12/1/15 and 12/3/15