Core Values

The Community Values derived from the Plan 2020 Bicentennial Agenda and community input provide the starting point for the land use plan, will inform development of the land use classification system, and will serve as checkpoints during application of the land use system to maps.

A More Resilient City

Resilience is determination – the ability of our residents, neighborhoods, businesses and government to tackle any challenge that is put in front of them. Resilience enables us to adapt and grow in the face of chronic stresses such as unemployment, hunger, systemic inequalities, and violence, and also prepares us to “bounce-forward” in the face of unpredictable threats or shocks such as natural disasters, seasonal weather conditions, or disruptions in the economy. Learn more about becoming a more resilient city in this excerpt from the Bicentennial Agenda.

A Healthier City

The environments in which people live, work, learn and play have a big impact on their health. The health of our natural resources, air and water are crucial to our region’s resiliency, but nothing is more vital to the long-term prosperity of our city and the security of its people than the physical and mental health of our population, which is largely influenced by economic and social conditions.  A healthy city is one that equitably meets the needs and recognizes the human rights of all its residents. Learn more about becoming a healthier city in this excerpt from the Bicentennial Agenda.

A More Inclusive City

Cities are collections of buildings, people, places, statistics and systems, and by their very nature, are not homogeneous. As a community, we must acknowledge diversity in all facets and areas as a defining element of who we are. Indianapolis is a place of opportunity that should provide hope to residents old and new. Innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas flow from and build upon the diversity that we already have.  Learn more about becoming a more inclusive city in this excerpt from The Bicentennial Agenda.

A More Competitive City

Neither the Central Indiana region nor the state of Indiana can remain viable in a dynamic global economy without a thriving Indy. Every day, local residents consider the economic opportunities available to them in Indianapolis and elsewhere. Every day, local businesses balance their desire to grow in Marion County with their ability to grow elsewhere. Communities next door and around the world are competing to attract our residents and our businesses. Learn more about becoming a more competitive city in this excerpt from The Bicentennial Agenda.