People’s Planning Academy

Planning involves the complex intersection of many different aspects of a community: land use, infrastructure, environmental issues, existing resident desires, the supply and demand for certain types of real estate, and more. It also has implications that are not always easy to see: impacts on human and environmental health, a community’s tax base and ability to provide high-quality public services, the ability of a place to evolve and retain its value, and the ability of our residents to access housing, jobs, education, and health care.

The People’s Planning Academy is a free training program consisting of 6 workshops that will provide participants with basic knowledge about city planning and the foundational goals that came from the Plan 2020 Bicentennial Agenda – to make Indianapolis healthier, more resilient, more inclusive, and more competitive. Participants will learn how planning can help us to achieve these goals. The Academy will also train participants on how to use the Land Use Pattern Book, which is the written component of the Marion County Land Use Plan. It outlines land use types and the conditions used to determine where different land uses are appropriate. Participants who complete the People’s Planning Academy will also be invited to join the Land Use Plan Stakeholder Committee during the mapping phase of the Plan. The program is open to all residents, property owners, or business owners in Marion County.

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Participants have the choice of two in-person tracks – 6 Thursday evenings or 3 longer Saturday morning sessions, as well as an online/Channel 16 track. The table below outlines the topics schedule for each of these tracks.

Topic Thursday Track
Saturday Track
Online/ Channel 16 Track
Planning 101 10/5 10/14 Online

Channel 16TV2: October 10, 12, 14 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Make Indy Healthy 10/12 Online

Channel 16TV2: October 17, 19, 21 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Make Indy More Resilient 10/19 10/28 Online

Channel 16TV2: October 24, 26, 28 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Make Indy More Inclusive 10/26 Online

Channel 16TV2: October 31, Nov 2, 4 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Make Indy More Competitive 11/2 11/11 Online

Channel 16TV2: November 7, 9, 11 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Land Use Pattern Book Training 11/9 Online

Channel 16TV2: November 14, 16, 18 @ Midnight, 6am, Noon, and 6pm

Channel 16TV2 is available in Marion County on Comcast Channel 28, Spectrum Channel 17, and AT&T Channel 99.


All in-person sessions will take place at the Sol Center (home of the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center) at 708 E. Michigan Street, although for GPS navigation purposes it’s best to use 501 Spring Street as the address.  IndyGo bus routes 3, 11, and 21 all pass within a block of the Sol Center, and there is a Blue Indy station two blocks to the north and south of Michigan Street along College Avenue.  Bike racks are also available.