People’s Planning Academy

The People’s Planning Academy is an exciting new program being developed by the Department of Metropolitan Development in partnership with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center.  Planning involves the complex intersection of many different aspects of a community:  land use, infrastructure, environmental issues, existing resident desires, the supply and demand for certain types of real estate, and more.  It also has implications that are not always easy to see:  impacts on human and environmental health, a community’s tax base and ability to provide high-quality public services, the ability of a place to evolve and retain its value, and the ability of our residents to access housing, jobs, education, and health care.

The People’s Planning Academy will provide participants with a basic knowledge of planning principles as well as in-depth training on the Marion County Land Use Plan’s new land use classification system (the “Pattern Book”).  While being developed for the Land Use Plan process, the Academy is something DMD hopes to continue with additional trainings to help empower residents to be stronger advocates for the places they care about.

Participants who complete the Academy program will be able to work alongside city planners in the mapping phase of the Land Use Plan, working to apply and refine the land use classification Pattern Book to neighborhoods and districts across Marion County.  Note that while these in-person working meetings will only be open to Academy participants, there will be an online alternative for those who do not participate in the Academy but still wish to provide comments on proposed maps.

The Academy structure is under development, but will include a time commitment.  We anticipate four to six courses, held during evening or Saturday timeframes, held over the fall of 2017.  While we are exploring online training for a portion of the content, there will be required in-person trainings.  Exact times and venues have not been determined.

Pre-Register for the Academy!

Do you think you might be interested in participating in the People’s Planning Academy this fall?  Use this form to pre-register your interest, and we’ll be sure to reach out to you as plans for the Academy develop.  This form only lets us know you’re interested, and you’re not obligated to participate if you decide later that you’re not interested!

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