Land Use Plan Maps

Final Adopted Maps

In November and December 2018, the Metropolitan Development Commission adopted all 9 township-based land use plan maps.  Together with the Pattern Book, adopted in 2017, these maps comprise the final step in the Plan 2020 process.  The adopted maps are available on the main City of Indianapolis Comprehensive Plan site (open the Land Use Element section).

Archived Working Draft Maps

Evolution of the land use plan maps began in Spring 2018 with a translation of land use recommendations from dozens of older neighborhood, corridor, and township-based plans into the new Marion County Land Use Plan Pattern Book classification system.  This translation map (Working Draft 1), with substantive changes in a few areas by staff as the result of known infrastructure changes or plans, started the public conversation.  This public process included an interactive online mapping and commenting system (available in archive form here) as well as dozens of meetings across Marion County (locations here).  By the end of this first round of engagement, 580 residents engaged in person, the online map was viewed more than 4,000 times, and a total of 522 comments were received.

At the conclusion of the first round of public engagement, an updated map (Working Draft 2) was released to a group of internal City-County partners (including DMD, DPW, Parks, Sustainability, Mayor’s Office, DevelopIndy, and IndyGo) as well as applicable Excluded City leadership) to review for technical correction.

The next map version (Working Draft 3) was then sent to the township-based Stakeholder Committees.  This map version was also placed on the online mapping system for viewing.  Over 3 meetings of each of the Committees (with the exception of Lawrence, which met twice), the maps continued to evolve, with a working draft released after each meeting.  At the conclusion of this process, the final working draft was approved by each Stakeholder Committee.

The final draft (Working Draft 6) was then placed on DMD’s CiviComment document review platform for final public review to catch any final mapping errors or significant policy issues.  A city-wide Exhibition on City Planning provided a final in-person review opportunity.

At the conclusion of this final public input process, maps were finalized and submitted to the Metropolitan Development Commission, which unanimously approved each township map.