Land Use Plan

The Marion County Land Use Plan is one element of the Comprehensive Plan for Indianapolis and Marion County.  The update of the Land Use Plan is part of the broader Plan 2020 Initiative and is guided by the Plan 2020 Bicentennial Agenda.  The plan is required by state statute as a basis for zoning and must include objectives and policies for future land use development.  It is a policy document, not law, designed to promote the orderly development and redevelopment of the county.

Online App

Day or night, participate at your convenience!

Our online mapping system allows you to zoom in and out to review the draft maps, provide comments on them, see and respond to comments from others, and see archived versions of the map as it evolves based on feedback.  And best of all, you can participate from anywhere, anytime!  First draft comments are accepted until June 1, 2018!

Meetings + Office Hours

In-person engagement for the mapping phase has two options.  You can join a scheduled, facilitated community meeting at one of 13 locations across Marion County or you can interact one-on-one with city planners by stopping in during office hours held at coffee shops and libraries around the city.

All meetings are 5:30-7:30pm

Franklin Central High School, April 17
6215 S Franklin Rd Rm #444

Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center, April 18
7320 W 10th St, Auditorium

JCC Indianapolis, April 19
6701 Hoover Rd, Laikin Auditorium

Burello Family Center, April 24
2345 Pagoda Dr

Hawthorne Community Center, April 26
2440 W Ohio St

Ivy Tech Community College, April 30
2565 N Capitol Ave (Illinois Fall Creek Center)

Decatur Central High School, May 2
5251 Kentucky Ave, Cafeteria

Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center, May 3
2990 W 71st St, Gym

John H Boner Community Center, May 14
2236 E 10th St

37 Place, May 16
2605 E 25th St

Perry Township Trustee’s Office, May 17
4925 Shelby St, Community Room

Lawrence North High School, May 23
7802 Hague Rd, Cafeteria

Warren Education and Community Center, May 24
975 N Post Rd, Room 113

Nora Library
8625 Guilford Ave
April 20 10am – 1pm
May 22 5-8pm

Dale’s Family Restaurant
5209 E Thompson Rd
April 23 10am – 1pm

Bee Coffee Roasters
5510 Lafayette Rd #140
April 24 10am-1pm

Southport Library
2630 E Stop 11 Rd
April 25 5-8pm
May 4 10-1 pm

Warren Library
9701 E 21st St
April 27 10-1 pm

Irvington Library
5625 E Washington St
May 1 5-8pm

Dunkin Donuts
7015 Kentucky Ave
May 2 10am-1pm

6321 Crawfordsville Rd
May 9 5-8pm

Coat Check Coffee (Athenaeum)
401 E Michigan St
May 10 5-8pm
May 15 10-1pm

Wayne Library
May 11 10-1pm

Porter Books and Bread
5719 Lawton Loop E Dr
May 17 10am-1pm

Concord Building
3802 N Illinois St