Technical City Plans

In addition to the Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis, Plan 2020 includes the update of several technical plans. Choose a technical plan below to learn more.


Land Use Plan
The Marion County Land Use Plan establishes local policies regarding the use, preservation, development and redevelopment of all land in Marion County.


Thoroughfare Plan
The Marion County Thoroughfare Plan establishes policies regarding the development of a multi-modal transportation network for all major streets and corridors in Marion County.


Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan
The Marion County Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan, guides the development of the community’s park system.


Indianapolis Regional Center Plan
The Indianapolis Regional Center Plan promotes the sustained growth of Indiana’s economic engine, the Downtown central business district.


Indianapolis HUD Consolidated Plan
The Indianapolis Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Consolidated Plan outlines community development strategies that promote prosperous neighborhoods and lays out how city government will invest the community development funds it receives from the federal government.


Central Indiana Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
The Central Indiana Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, led by the Indy Chamber, is a road map to diversify and strengthen the Central Indiana economy. It is a guide for establishing regional economic development goals and objectives, developing and implementing a regional plan of action, and identifying investment priorities and funding sources to enhance economic growth.