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Mission statement

The mission of TeenWorks is to empower teens to achieve excellence in college, career, and community. TeenWorks provides a six-week summer employment and college readiness program and supportive services for teens throughout the school year. Participating teens build professional resumes, gain job skills for the future, participate in volunteer projects to give back to the community, and receive hands-on instruction to build key college and career readiness skills in areas like technology, finances, and leadership.

Affiliate Projects

Affiliate projects are independent projects that are significantly aligned with the strategies of The Bicentennial Plan, and while not derived directly from the Plan 2020 planning process, have been accepted as mutually reinforcing activities.

TeenWorks is working on the following projects:

TeenWorks 360 Program


With over 35 years of experience, TeenWorks (formerly Pro 100) is uniquely positioned to address the needs of Marion County at-risk teens from all school districts as they look for paid summer employment combined with career and college readiness instruction. Over the past 4 years, TeenWorks has grown in Indianapolis from serving 84 students in 2012 to 254 in 2015. This equates to over a 200% growth rate in 4 years and we anticipate hiring 300 students in Indianapolis in 2016 for an additional growth surge. TeenWorks is poised for scalability. Although IPS students have been the majority of our hires to date, the township schools and charter schools are becoming a bigger component each year as their percentage of at-risk students climbs.

With TeenWorks 360 (the year-round support program in the schools), students receive guided, individualized support to help them work towards high school graduation and advance their college and career goals

TeenWorks has shown how a collaborative partnership between a non-profit employment program and a school system can not only succeed, but give outstanding results that clearly impact the community in terms of job readiness, wages, and giving back.