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Mission statement

No Mean City is a campaign led by representatives from IndyHubIndy Chamber, and the Central Indiana Community Foundation to showcase life in Indianapolis: education, neighborhoods, housing and, above all, what’s local–Local dining, shopping, eating and recreation. The effort includes a biannual magazine and website, designed and executed by Pivot Marketing with a host of freelance writers. It serves as a platform to tell authentic stories of the city of Indianapolis.

Affiliate Projects

Affiliate projects are independent projects that are significantly aligned with the strategies of The Bicentennial Plan, and while not derived directly from the Plan 2020 planning process, have been accepted as mutually reinforcing activities.

No Mean City is working on the following projects:

No Mean City Initiative – Cultural Destinations

Indianapolis natives and immigrants alike have contributed their own spirits to the city, creating a place that is full of life. From art to international cuisine, swing dancing to (yes) racing, Indianapolis offers diverse cultural and lifestyle options. Thanks to Indiana’s rich agricultural heritage and the dedication of urban farmers within city limits, Indianapolis offers a food scene as diverse as the people that call it home. No Mean City aims to highlight these offerings and contributions, providing a lens for others hoping to engage and enjoy distinctly unique Indianapolis treasures.

No Mean City Initiative – Education

There are a lot of opinions and perceptions out there about schools. The fact is, educational options abound in Indianapolis. Through innovation and specialization, access, and diversity, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) strives to provide each student with the instruction and encouragement he or she needs to succeed. In doing so, they are continually improving education quality in Indianapolis. And IPS isn’t the only option. There are also over 500 private schools in Marion County.

No Mean City features a comprehensive schools primer to make navigating these options easier for parents. The overview explains the differences among public, charters and magnets, and private schools, and connects to education-related articles and industry experts. This primer is the first step in understanding the options and information regarding Indianapolis schools.

No Mean City Initiative – Love Indy

Those who call her home know Indy is bold, progressive, anything but average. Now it’s time to share this message with the world.

In our discovery process to build the No Mean City platform, we discovered the assets and attributes that set our city apart from others. Building off of the civic pride revealed and energized through Love Indy’s work, and working with city leaders, front line ambassadors and individuals, we aim to set the record straight about Indy. Through this work, a narrative showcasing our strengths will emerge and be embraced, making it easier for all of us to speak accurately and authentically about the city we love.

No Mean City Initiative – Neighborhoods recently named Indy the easiest place to buy in the U.S. – no surprise thanks to our rich and diverse mix of housing options, low cost of living and high quality of life.

Indianapolis boasts well over 100 neighborhoods – each with their own personality and community culture. No Mean City brings to life a mix of these neighborhoods, through stories and videos, allowing individuals to discover which ones might be ideal for their interests and needs as a resident.

The site has organized Marion County into twenty-five communities – each encompassing a variety of neighborhoods. Currently, No Mean City highlights 12 of those communities (and nearly 30 neighborhoods). As the site grows, additional communities and neighborhoods will populate the site.

No Mean City Initiative – Talent Retention & Attraction

No Mean City exists to provide anyone in the business of moving or recruiting with a more honest, more comprehensive perspective on life in Indianapolis— modern families, recent transplants, Realtors, corporate recruiters, and city ambassadors. No Mean City was created – and continues to be refined – to support those on the front lines of talent attraction and retention.

Whether one is considering or planning a move to Indianapolis, or is already here and considering whether or not to stay, the site aims to help one understand the myriad of housing, schools and lifestyle options available to them in our city’s 400 square miles.

The site offers stories, videos, quizzes, additional resources and navigational tools designed to make the process of finding the ideal easier and more efficient.

No Mean City Initiative – Third Places

Some claim they could never live in the city because they need trees, greenspace, and privacy. With hundreds of public parks and the 1.5-mile Central Canal, the city ranks as one of the nation’s top three most livable downtowns. There’s no shortage of greenspace, gathering places, and boutique shopping. Marion County residents are an active bunch—they have their pick of gyms, yoga studios, running trails, and juice bars. Local farmers sell produce year-round at City Market, and the Indianapolis Public Library branches provide popular hangouts for families and freelancers. No Mean City provides interactive maps, stories and first hand guides for those wishing to explore the variety of Third Places Indy has to offer.