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Jennifer Hanson
Senior Communications Director
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Mission statement

Downtown Indy, Inc. exists to continually improve Downtown Indianapolis. Downtown Indy, Inc. is action-oriented and empowered to address critical issues that affect the growth, well-being and user-friendliness of Downtown. It’s the only non-profit organization charged with developing, managing, activating and marketing Downtown to make Downtown a better place to work, live, learn and play.

Affiliate Projects

Affiliate projects are independent projects that are significantly aligned with the strategies of The Bicentennial Plan, and while not derived directly from the Plan 2020 planning process, have been accepted as mutually reinforcing activities.

Downtown Indy is working on the following projects:

Activating 3rd Places

Downtown Indy, Inc. (DII) manages and maintains two third places in Downtown Indianapolis: Georgia Street and the Canal Walk. DII hosts a summer series on Georgia Street (with three main events drawing thousands of visitors to Downtown on a weekly basis), a 55,000-attendee New Year’s Eve bash and numerous holiday happenings. DII keeps Georgia Street a vibrant urban public space through landscaping improvements, free public Wi-Fi, seating, audio and more. In addition, it manages events on the Canal, and has hosted events (and partnered on events) on Monument Circle. DII collaborates with organizations such as the Arts Council and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to maintain third places and assets within Downtown, including improving Downtown underpasses (repairing concrete, upgrading lighting and adding murals). DII co-markets with other organizations to cultivate participation in events and experiences in Downtown’s third places. DIIs safety director, together with IMPD and community, works to ensure third places are welcoming, safe and create a more vibrant day and night environment. DII works as a team and with other local organizations to create active, vibrant spaces. It provides attention to infrastructure improvements in public spaces, event activation and civility in addressing homelessness and other social issues.