The Vision

The Bicentennial Agenda, the vision, is comprised of input from four primary sources:

  1. Foundational elements, including past ideas, plans, initiatives and programs; many of which are already being implemented throughout the Indianapolis Community.
  2. Proof points from research, data, studies and surveys.
  3. Community input, including that from nearly 200 volunteer community leaders and over 100,000 people from across Marion County who contributed through events, online feedback, focus groups, social media, and a host of other engagement vehicles.
  4. Key stakeholders who provided expertise and strategic direction at key milestones and throughout the planning process.

The Bicentennial Agenda describes the community’s collective vision. It focuses on the Indianapolis community’s collective ability to make life better for residents and business owners today and in the near future. It describes what Indianapolis-Marion County can become. This Agenda educates anyone that is interested in Indianapolis becoming a better place about why cities, like Indianapolis, work the way they do. Not only is it intended to inspire execution of the remaining elements of GIPC’s Bicentennial Plan and technical city planning documents that fall under the larger Plan 2020 umbrella, it answers the question, “Why should we implement the Plan 2020 initiative?”

The Values

Below are the promises to be delivered on or before the City of Indianapolis turns 200 years old.

Choose Indy

  • You can have an authentic and vibrant neighborhood to live in and enjoy.
  • You will have access to compelling cultural destinations.
  • Your child can access quality early education opportunities.
  • Your child can attend a high quality school.

Connect Indy

  • You will have access to a network of world class transportation options that provides unmatched mobility in the region and promotes active living.
  • You will have easy and affordable access to information and the tools to be civically engaged and economically prosperous.
  • Your ability to move goods and services across the region or around the world will be unmatched in Indiana.

Love Indy

  • You will have access to at least one active social gather space in your neighborhood.
  • You can easily know what is going on in your neighborhood and around the city.
  • You can easily access an amazing array of cultural activities.
  • You can live in a beautiful place.

Serve Indy

  • You can be part of one of the most civically engaged communities in the nation.
  • You can be part of a business culture of giving back to the community.

Thrive Indy

  • You can live in a city of regenerative ecosystems which continually improve human and non-human health.
  • You can live in a city that values the health and well-being of its citizens and invests accordingly.

Work Indy

  • Your business can find well qualified, highly trained employees.
  • You can find educational and training opportunities equipping you for economic mobility and the ability to earn a family sustaining wage.
  • Your business can thrive in Indianapolis’ dynamic, growth oriented business climate.