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Indianapolis was built on a legacy of visionary planning. From the original Mile Square plan on which the city was founded, to the Parks and Boulevards system plan of George Kessler, to the Amateur Sports Capital of the World strategy that culminated in Indianapolis hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. Indy has always been crafted by intent. Plan 2020 is the next chapter in this story.

Our approach is ambitious and unique.

Plan 2020, a partnership led by the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee and the Department of Metropolitan Development, City of Indianapolis established a framework for an unprecedented degree of coordination and collaboration between public, private and philanthropic organizations in order to realize the community’s collective vision for the future. An underlying purpose of Plan 2020 was and is to stitch as many existing plans, ideas and initiatives together into a broader, cohesive storyline.

Many voices. One vision.

Plan 2020 acknowledges city government as a critical player in shaping the future of Marion County, but it further acknowledges that Marion County’s full planning capacity reaches well beyond city government. Plan 2020 aims to leverage the full capacity of Marion County’s diverse array of residents, leaders, institutions, organizations, enterprises and movements by placing the stable, long-term values-driven vision outside of city government and allowing the vision to inspire updates to the city’s technical guidance documents.

Plan 2020 defines a new approach to planning in Indianapolis, meshing community vision, values, and strategy with an unprecedented, coordinated update to core city government plans. The vision, values and strategy components of the process comprise Plan 2020’s Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis.

Plan 2020’s work is divide into three important areas.

Part One

Creation and oversight of the
Bicentennial Plan

The Bicentennial Plan is informed by the work of the Bicentennial Plan committees. It is action-oriented and represents what the community will do. The plan is categorized by 20 themes. Every action in the final plan has a committing partner who will complete the action.

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Part Two

Refinement of
Technical Plans

These plans define how the City of Indianapolis and Marion County can ensure success. They are much more strategic than typical planning initiatives and are honest and transparent about what city government can accomplish.

Land Use Plan

Thoroughfare Plan

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan

Regional Center Plan

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Consolidated Plan

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Part Three

Collection of
Affiliate Projects

There are many existing projects, programs and initiatives that exist for the purposes of making Indianapolis a healthier, more inclusive, more resilient, more competitive city. These projects fit perfectly under the larger Plan 2020 umbrella and are an integral part of Plan 2020’s overall success. Each project is managed by one of our partners.

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The Process

Our planning process began in 2013. We’ve done a lot of important work to get here.

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The Advisory Board

We have an outstanding group of people who continue to advise Plan 2020.

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Plan 2020’s young professional engagement program.

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An online tool that measures the impact of Plan 2020 and its partners at a neighborhood level.

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