Plan 2020: The Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis

The Hall

The Hall served as the planning hub for Plan 2020.  It’s where ideas connected. hall-logo

The Hall served as the Indianapolis City Hall from 1910 to 1962 (Learn more about the history of Old City Hall). In addition to housing Plan 2020, The Hall also provided meeting and gathering space for the public and a gallery of community-based initiatives.

The Hall is accustomed to change and turnover. Since the city government moved into the City-County Building in 1962, The Hall has temporarily housed the State Museum and The Indianapolis Central Library. Now, after six years of sitting unused, The Hall is being reused, with repurposed materials, to reimagine the City of Indianapolis.

Financial support to make reuse of The Hall possible was provided by the City-County Council and the Central Indiana Community Foundation.  Non-profit partner People for Urban Progress helped to redesign and refurbish the space using mostly found and reused materials, which includes furniture from the old Wishard Hospital. Old doors are being used as desks and ceiling tiles have become bulletin boards. More than 90% of the furniture and equipment in The Hall is reused or repurposed in some fashion.

The Hall is now closed and no longer available for rent as it prepares for its next life as a community arts hub associated with the 21C Museum Hotel.

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